This exciting novel is about a 16 year old teenager ( Jim Doyle ) who is the star player of his highschool seniour basketball team. He lives in an unwealthy part of Granham Minnesota working hard to help support his two sisters and mother as they struggle their way out of debt. After two very important scouts from a dominantly black 17 and under USA Dream Team watch one of Jim's league games, they decide to recruit him as starting pointguard. What Jim does not know is what both himself and his teammates will experience when they take part in the tournament. 
     As the Dream Team of ten are finally recruited, they take flight to Los Angeles where they are heavily trained and fitted for the upcoming tournament. As Jim is one of the only caucasian players on the team he feels great intimidation and fear that he won't play to the best of his abbilities. After several weeks of training and team skill-building, the USA Dream Team had arrived in Rome to play their first game against Norway. As the team consistantly worked well together, they had pushed through to achieve their first win of the tournament knocking Norway to the bottom of the rosters.
     When it came to the most competative game in the tournament, Germany vs. USA, great racial conflict had occurred. From the first moment of the press conference before the game to the last jump ball, almost every German player was abusing the USA coloured teens. Intentional fouls, verbal abuse and even threats all occured during this four period game. After USA took yet another win, they were set to play Germany again in a week. During this hsort break period, the U.S embassy had contacted the Dream Team and had explained that there had been a death threat towards them from a radical neo-Nazi group.
     Great fear had came over this threat and had caused the Dream Team to make a choice of staying behind, or going home. After most players decided to stick it out and play the final game, the U.S embassy had provided great protection over all players. Once the USA Dream team had taken the final win of the tournament, an angry German player had pulled a gun on Jim and his fellow teammate Augustus LeMay. When the German makes yet another racial comment and takes fire on Augustus Jim steps up and takes a shot to the knee saving his teammates life.
     Soon after, the German flees as the police arrive. Jim has to undertake surgery but is asured he will play basketball again in the near future. Because of this, high-schools had taken huge steps to put a stop to racism and decrease teen violence.